break boundaries, you are born to

Breaking boundaries; come to hear of it in all parks of life. For argument sake lets agree on one common definition – in any discipline an individual goes beyond their current capacity, he/she has broken a personal boundary. e.g. an athlete may break a personal record or a benchmark record but both are breaking boundaries in my book.

Let’s look at some great examples of our history that fueled the evolution of human race (truly). Invention of fire and wheel were two big inventions of past. Transportation and Press were two greatest vehicles for information and people exchange that transformed societies. Internet and Telecommunication just shrunk the world in terms of Space and Time (very very crucial to where we find ourselves in todays world). In between there have been events of huge importance like race to moon – in 60s human race broke a huge boundary of reaching an intergalactic body (Moon) and since than we have been exploring other planets, satellites and galaxies (far far away in our universe).

Like you, i also believe that we will outdo ourselves in coming times in every possible way. My conviction in human races ability comes from my belief in how we are wired (genetically). Nature has built us like an open hardware and software – so that we can plug extensions, enhance our firmware and possibly create a new human species (be in-charge of our evolution). If you dont believe me ask yourselves following questions:

– why are kids of next generation smarter?

– when you look into the starry sky, why do you feel inquisite?

– why does status-quo feel boring?

You could argue that since nature created us with a bunch of limitations – our sense of color, our ability to distinguish frequencies (audible) and our ability to sense a certain spectrum limited by the five senses and than further limited by the limitation of these senses. One of the important part of our body that has not been proven to have any limitations is what we have between the ears – Brain. Its a fantastic computer, it is designed such a way that it can accept data from any source and make sense out of it. (various experiments around the world vis a vis extending, substituting senses have proven).

here is a great Ted talk on Next Species:
and here is one from MIT on practical technology evolution:

I think we were born to believe that we can outdo ourselves, nature designed us in a way that we continue to look for “Upgrades” … and i think its time that we believe it and live it in day to day life.

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