what’s intelligence?

I moved around my apps on my phone, reorganized them into a different folder structure. This restructuring led to app icons / folders moving from left corner of my phone to the right hand side and shifted up by a row. Next time, I looked for the app but couldn’t locate it, took me a few seconds before i could actually find the app that had shifted by few pixels on a very small screen. I asked myself what does this mean ?

My brain predicted that as per the order of pattern for last so many days the icon had to be at a certain place.

Interestingly, I validated this through many other observations.

On my way to office there is a busy crossway, which usually caused multiple jams during peak hours. Considering the traffic situation the cross way was closed and an alternate U turn was created few 100 meters ahead. I have noticed the change for multiple weeks now, however, whenever I drive past that point I automatically drive on the left hand side of the road considering that folks on the right will take a turn (which has been closed). This just happens even when am aware of the change that happened many weeks ago.

There are numerous such instances where my reaction completely depends on Predictions that my brain is making based on historical data/pattern/learnings/teachings and so on. It is almost as if the reaction is driven by the kind of Data that is stored somewhere in my head.

So the question is:

Is prediction the basis of human intelligence?

Possibly true, I would want you to think about it and make your own inferences.

  • Are we as intelligent as the learnings in our life?
  • Does that mean our smartness is driven by the awareness we show about our surroundings?
  • Does that mean being in chaos as opposed to an orderly environment leads to greater intelligence?

I would also leave you with one other thought – does the emotional intelligences also depend on the mining of the data thats stored in the warehouse (brain) and the patterns that could lead to a familiar predictive way to react to how we expected something to be in our life and surroundings.

I am almost convinced that is the case – how about you?

BTW – for all geeks out there, Data is the key to AI. Deep Learning shall mimic the patterns/learnings based on the situations that the machine comes across (based on test data).

2 responses to “what’s intelligence?”

  1. Thought provoking and very well drafted. This blog leaves me trying to dwell into the pattern of predictions I make and my behavior towards them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Neha, really appreciate it.


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