Do you believe in stories?

If you like Movies, if you have Heroes – if you follow someone and you admire someone’s guts or you just absolutely totally a fan of somebodies skill, you my friend believe in stories.

The question; we all need to ask ourselves : what is my story? Am I part of someone else’s story ? What role am I playing in someone else’s or my own story?

As I announce to my team about my departure – am left holding my head in my hands – almost uncertain but clouded with various kind of thoughts.

When I was in 10th standard and was appearing for my maths exam, I was supposed to get really good marks (mind you  I was good at studies). I was young (13 years) and dont know what happened but i couldn’t finish my paper. I didn’t have control over  the circumstance but it hurt, it hurt really bad. I was supposed to do good in the exam –  I cried a lot that day.

Second time, the similar situation unfolded was when I was ready to appear for my CPMT exams, I came to know I couldn’t as I didn’t meet the age criteria (I was 15 then). I didn’t have control over it and I thought I was ready – I was upset but couldn’t really do much.

A similar situation plays out today – The feeling is same, it saddens me, it also reminds me all those times when I wanted to achieve a lot but couldn’t.

As we play our characters/roles, we forget about the layers // there are plots and sub plots. Sometimes one plot has an affect on the way you could play a role in other plot. That is what’s happening and am being pulled in other direction to write a new chapter and play my role somewhere else.

I am living my story – however, the part, the role that I had to play in yours is going to come to an end.

The significance of this character to take this story forward starts to fade from here but what’s really important is that your role starts to become significant. You need to understand that as my role ends doesn’t mean an end to your story or for that matter this institution’s story. Institution, Idea and Individual (triple I) are the three main parts to the grand stage – Institution (company), Idea (team and its vision) and Individuals (all of you) are related. The one that’s certain to come and go is the individual – the other two have significantly better life span.

We play part – we come and go but the institution remains. The idea may get tinkered around but it floats long enough to see through its destiny. Idea is the script – that binds all our professional stories together in this institution.

People are the most important part of the process/journey – you develop affection for people // you see them grow – their growth makes you happy and leaving them is  the hardest part when you exit your role.

You should all know – you all are my favorite people!

But well – you can’t always write the script the way you want – sometimes the story isn’t yours – you are just a supporting cast.

Let’s keep writing new chapters and making our story an awesome story!

Good luck to you all in living a grand story.

you can all find me here whenever you need me, I will be happy to help and support.





3 responses to “Do you believe in stories?”

  1. Good luck Ravi. We’ll be waiting to watch how your story unfolds. 🙂


  2. Intriguing enough.
    Waiting for the next part of this story.

    Liked by 1 person

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