Thought bubble | Metaverse

Is #Metaverse space already crowded or there is room for alternate experience verses?

IMHO the way concept is evolving in defining new and emerging experiences would only be able to appeal to one side of the spectrum. There is an amazing opportunity for enterprises, product visionaries and experience makers to imagine an alternate vision that doesn’t dwell in a virtual universe that is in your face and technology apparent but a more subtle, integrated into your daily objects with almost an invisible technology.

Circa 2014 I was having a discussion with John Cain and we ended up discussing digital experiences of future. I was developing a set of prototypes to be showcased at an industry event. I don’t clearly remember who came up with this frame (between the two of us – its likely it would have come from John) – anyhow, following is how i described the concept to others: One end of experience spectrum is Avatar (the movie) and the other end of the spectrum is Her (the movie). The vision of how technology becomes part of our future lives in the two movies comes from 2 completely different places. Avatar is all about exoskeletons, large screens, virtual (literally) worlds and in your face technology where as Her depicts a more invisible integrated technology in your day to day lives – mind you – it had its moments of holograms and virtual characters yet the way experience comes through is very natural and organic.

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